Cold Showers, Adulting and More

Posted on Tue 22 November 2022 in General

Day 249 of taking a cold shower. It's something I've been doing since April, and although the temperature has fallen and the geyser in my bathroom has been fixed come winter, it's a habit I want to keep. Nothing makes you feel as alive as a cold shower does.

Speaking of durations, it's also been exactly a month since my last post. A lot has happened since, and I've been too wrapped up in the happenings to get time to post here once a week. This sem has been no different than others, with you progressively realizing the depth to which you've sunk in the quicksand only as more classes happen and the majors draw near.

But I think I've gotten the hang of this. Not just the semester, but life in general, and rather than looking at what I can do here, I'm looking outward to upcoming goals in life. Ah, too much abstraction. TL;DR: With the endsems ending tomorrow, I expect to write more frequently here ;)