Freedom, Recaptured.

Posted on Mon 30 May 2022 in General

With the creation of my official website (safari butchers the CSS :/), I've now got more creative liberty and artistic freedom on the content I post here.

When I first made this blog, it used to be my own little corner of the internet. That changed once more people got to know about it, and I subconsciously put more pressure on myself to keep a strong technical background to whatever I post. The problem with this approach is that:

  1. Articles take time! Writing theoretical deep dives often needs me to completely revisit whatever I studied, and they take upwards of a day or two to draft, edit, proofread and publish.
  2. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! There's very little stuff here that's an easy read: all I mostly post are either 300-word math articles or 3000-word short stories now.

Back in the older days, when I blogged on blogspot, I'd often get 0 views on a lot of articles. Zero! That was ok, as it felt like I blogged for myself and that whatever I said had minimal repercussions, but with this website, it feels a bit different. Self-imposed straitjacket, I'm aware, but hopefully the official website takes that pressure away now, and I can get back to posting more frequently.

Here's to more interesting reads this year!