Of Knights and Knaves

Posted on Wed 01 June 2022 in Writing

Once every year, when the sun beats down
Students here become clowns
They think on their command, people will fall
But truly, they're just bricks in the wall
Misled by the mirage of power
Led astray till they flounder
"You're barely 20! What do you think will change
When you become Secretary, like others who've aged"
"I'll tell you! Here's my manifesto:
It says I'm great with a budget
I'm smart, hardworking, and totally not a puppet
I'm doing this for the Club, and not for my CV
And totally not for my hostel, for them to gain glory
I'm sure that ethics is slang for pathetics
And morals? What are those? Are they smaller morsels?
Who cares. Vote for me. Actually, it doesn't matter
I'll just call all our trusty gangsters"
And so the saga repeats: year on year
Bridges broken, Friendships disappear
Why is it so? Are we really so blinded
To throw our mental health under the belt and be grinded?
All I know is that I graduate in two years
And people I know are unscruplous beyond my worst fears.