Intern Inferno

Posted on Sun 14 August 2022 in General • Tagged with Programming, Probability

Not everything goes exactly as planned. That's why it's a plan, not a certainty.

Aiming in

Before this entire joomla started, I asked myself: What is it I want from an intern?

  • I wanted to tour: I didn't pick up a foreign research intern this summer, and was tired of …

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Orbital Maneuvers and the Oberth Effect

Posted on Tue 05 July 2022 in General • Tagged with Writing

Once a rocket is in orbit, if it needs to change it's orbit (either from a lower to a higher orbit, or from a circular to an elliptical orbit), it needs to execute an Orbital Maneuver. This is accomplished by using a small impulse from thrusters to change the tangential …

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Leadership, among many other things

Posted on Sun 26 June 2022 in General • Tagged with Writing

Gazettale, BSP's premier interhostel competition, for which our team worked day and night, recently released the final standings.

And we're fifth.

Pop the champagne and dance, team, for we're fifth!


Jokes aside, I'm lukewarm about the result. Proud of what a ragtag bunch of people came together and assembled in …

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Freedom, Recaptured.

Posted on Mon 30 May 2022 in General • Tagged with General

With the creation of my official website (safari butchers the CSS :/), I've now got more creative liberty and artistic freedom on the content I post here.

When I first made this blog, it used to be my own little corner of the internet. That changed once more people got to …

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