Sorting Testbench in C

Posted on Wed 11 November 2020 in Programming • Tagged with Programming, C, Algorithms

I started reading CS theory in anticipation of my upcoming curriculum and I found that CLRS starts the reader off with sort algorithms (technically they start with math and basic CS, but I've already covered that). I decided to make a Sorting testbench, whose requirements were pretty simple:

  • It should …

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IIT Department Finder Launch (plus personal website domain)

Posted on Wed 28 October 2020 in Programming • Tagged with Programming, Python, Web Development

For IIT admissions, I had created a small command line tool called to check the departments I would get, given a particular rank. Once the round one allocation results came out, I decided to create a web version, for others to use as well. This article chronicles the …

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To IIT Delhi and beyond

Posted on Mon 19 October 2020 in JEE • Tagged with JEE

I think an update on the JEE Situation has been due for a long time, and I'll try to compress the past few months into this single post. Long story short, my JEE(M) was held on 2nd September, in the evening shift. After giving my best and getting a …

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Setting up MathNotes - an online math repository

Posted on Fri 16 October 2020 in Mathematics • Tagged with Mathematics, Programming

Just after 10th and as I was beginning my JEE Preparation, I felt the need for an extensible note-taking apparatus. Online notes would be too much trouble and would keep me hooked to the computer. Notebooks were also difficult, as I wanted my notes to be extensible; adding pages in …

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Setting up my Mac (again)

Posted on Wed 14 October 2020 in Programming • Tagged with Programming

This was also published on GitHub. The GitHub version is more up-to-date, and I won't be updating this one as frequently.

System Setup Log

My MacBook battery started to swell around a year back, and the machine became unusable 6 months ago and was put into temporary hibernation. Post my …

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A Good JEE Main (September) problem

Posted on Fri 11 September 2020 in Mathematics • Tagged with Mathematics, JEE

This beauty came in the 2nd September shift 2 paper:

Let $A = \{ X = (x, y, z)^T : PX = 0 \text{ and } x^2+y^2+z^2=1 \}$, where $$P = \left[ \begin{array}{l l l}1&2&1 \\ -2&3&-4 \\ 1&9&-1 \end{array}\right]$$ then the …

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Math Notes: Lagrange interpolation

Posted on Fri 14 August 2020 in Mathematics • Tagged with Mathematics, Math Notes

This is a small set of posts that come into the category of "notes": self-explanations of concepts that I have recently picked up and found interesting.

Lagrange Interpolation

Lagrange Interpolation is a concept that allows us to find a polynomial of least degree passing through a given set of points …

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Is the shortest solution to a problem the best?

Posted on Sun 26 July 2020 in Mathematics • Tagged with Mathematics

My old man always used to say that there are two ways to solve a problem: there's the horse way, and there's the donkey way. The donkey way involves tedious calculations, whereas the horse way 'cuts' through the problem. Take this problem as an example:

For each positive integer $n …

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Posted on Mon 13 July 2020 in Posts

This is a scratchpad of sorts to test the capabilities of Pelican.

Let's start with an Image: Test Image Big buck bunny looking real handsome ;) Some tweaks have to be made to expand the image on click but this is ok for now..

Let's try headings!





Echo …

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ISC 2020 Analysis: An application of Data Science and Statistics

Posted on Sat 11 July 2020 in Mathematics • Tagged with Mathematics, ISC, Data Science

The ISC Exam results were released on 10th June, 3 PM IST. In this article, I'll be analyzing the results of the 117 students in the science stream of my school and showing how they performed. I'll also weave a story with the data and point out things that could …

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