The JEE never fails to amaze

Posted on Mon 19 September 2022 in Mathematics • Tagged with Mathematics, JEE

I promised I wouldn't look at the JEE 2022 paper, but couldn't help sneaking a peek. As always, the professors currently making life difficult occasionally get a chance to make the life of all of India's students difficult, and they never cease to amaze.

Welp, this will be a short …

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To IIT Delhi and beyond

Posted on Mon 19 October 2020 in JEE • Tagged with JEE

I think an update on the JEE Situation has been due for a long time, and I'll try to compress the past few months into this single post. Long story short, my JEE(M) was held on 2nd September, in the evening shift. After giving my best and getting a …

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A Good JEE Main (September) problem

Posted on Fri 11 September 2020 in Mathematics • Tagged with Mathematics, JEE

This beauty came in the 2nd September shift 2 paper:

Let $A = \{ X = (x, y, z)^T : PX = 0 \text{ and } x^2+y^2+z^2=1 \}$, where $$P = \left[ \begin{array}{l l l}1&2&1 \\ -2&3&-4 \\ 1&9&-1 \end{array}\right]$$ then the …

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Debunking Concepts of Physics, and why you should NOT use this book.

Posted on Mon 22 June 2020 in JEE • Tagged with JEE, Physics

I generally don't post stuff that is extremely specific to JEE, but this time I'm willing to make an exception.

A lot has been said about Concepts of Physics by Dr. H. C.Verma and it's usefulness for JEE Preparation. The website itself claims that

Students from the past twenty …

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