Debunking Concepts of Physics, and why you should NOT use this book.

Posted on Mon 22 June 2020 in JEE • Tagged with JEE, Physics

I generally don't post stuff that is extremely specific to JEE, but this time I'm willing to make an exception.

A lot has been said about Concepts of Physics by Dr. H. C.Verma and it's usefulness for JEE Preparation. The website itself claims that

Students from the past twenty …

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Icosahedron Resistor Network

Posted on Tue 09 June 2020 in Electronics • Tagged with Physics, Electronics

Consider the icosahedral resistance network shown in the following figure. Each edge is made of a rod of resistance $r$. Select the option(s) that is(are) correct:


A) The resistance between points A and B is $\frac{r}{2}$
B) The resistance between points A and B is $\frac …

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